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Care and Culture Oy

Considering different cultures in nursing work

Care and Culture Oy offers solutions to possible problems that arise in work communities and information on practical care situations through work community coaching and personnel training.

We also offer competence surveys for the success of recruitment processes and for planning the necessary additional training.
Training can be held in all locations in Finland. They can be implemented either as close training or distance training.

Knowledge of different cultures in nursing work book is available in the online store.

Nursing manager, supervisor, professional or trainer:
In several care facilities and hospitals, some of the nurses and patients have a foreign background. Due to the large labor shortage in the nursing sector, a lot of employees are recruited from abroad.

Competence and knowledge of different cultures in nursing requires more and more training, so that nursing works better in work communities. This comes up especially in the field of vocational education, but also in the management of an international working community.

– Are you possibly recruiting new employees from abroad?

Training, consulting and competence mapping services

– are important for companies and work communities in the social and health sector. They also facilitate nursing work and management in the workplace, especially in work communities with multicultural staff and customers. Similarly, when recruiting care workers from different cultures, cultural knowledge of the care sector is needed.

Main services

Personnel training

The trainings are aimed at health care units with staff and customers from different cultures and to which employees from different countries are planned to be recruited. The training provides skills and understanding of working with colleagues and clients from different cultures with.

Surveys of different cultures in nursing work

The level of healthcare education varies considerably in different countries. With the help of professional competence surveys, clear information is obtained about the nurse's actual competence and how the competence corresponds to the Finnish criteria for nursing work. With the help of surveys, the need for additional training can be shortened.


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